"For 85 years now, we have brought to life some of the nation's most iconic places for living, shopping, business, and entertainment. We have been building traditions, creating indelible experiences, and developing new inspirations for living."

Position Title Position Level Specialization Location
Digital Marketing Specialist Senior Executive / Supervisor Marketing/Business Development NCR 999999999
Legal Liaison Fresh / Entry Level Clerical/Administrative Support NCR 999999999
Human Resource Manager Manager Human Resources NCR 999999999
Human Resource Assistant (Time Keeping) Fresh / Entry Level Human Resources NCR 999999999
Project Monitoring & Cost Control Head Manager Project Management NCR 999999999
Security Coordinator Fresh / Entry Level Security/Armed Forces/Protective Services NCR 999999999
Tax Assistant Fresh / Entry Level Finance - Audit/Taxation NCR 999999999
Internal Audit Supervisor (preferably CPA, CISA, CIA) Senior Executive / Supervisor Finance - Audit/Taxation NCR 999999999
Sales Documentation Assistant Fresh / Entry Level Clerical/Administrative Support NCR 999999999