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About ePerformax Contact Centers Corp.

ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO is passionate about performance and providing the best service to our clients and their customers. We aren’t challenged by implementing a culture of high performance because frankly, being a high-performance contact center is what excites us about the business.

Our goal is to be the best contact center for your company, not the biggest contact center.

As one of the first call centers in the Philippines in 2002 we have grown steadily year after year, strategically adding clients, physical space and expanding to new locations. Much of this growth is the result of the high level of performance we have been able to provide to our existing client base. To continue this growth, we plan to be selective and strategic in our client relationships, choice of locations and the additional management staff we hire. We form strategic partnerships with shared values that include:

  • Performance versus price-only orientation
  • Customer focused
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Continuous learning and innovation
  • Commitment to training and employee development
  • Brand enhancement

It is this spirit of partnership that makes us successful with our clients and quite honestly, today we find it difficult to find companies that appreciate our desire to be true partners … versus simply a vendor. We’re lucky enough today to have a group of clients who truly enjoy working in partnership to achieve mutual goals, but they are getting tougher and tougher to find. We hope you’ll be as enthusiastic about finding a contact center that appreciates a true partnership approach as we are about finding clients that prefer to work in the same manner.