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About Novtek Corporation

In September 2006, in the aim to build a stronger and global Company, Advanced Materials Corporation realigned its business name to its brand name NOVTEK. Hence, the new name NOVTEK CORPORATION. Since the NOVTEK brand is widely known in the construction industry, the realignment of the Company name to its brand name is a strategic move as the Company continues its expansion program both in the Philippines and in China. The Company’s broad experience in the construction industry encompassed a multitude of innovative products. These include Tile & Stone Care Products (NovTek), Tile & Stone Setting Products (NovTek and TileMax), Surface Preparation Products (NovTek), Mortar Products (NovCrete), Waterproofing Products (NovSeal) and Tools & Accessories (NovTek). With the presence of nationwide marketing network of dealers and sales representatives, the Company was able to cater to the growing needs of the country's construction industry. Through the Company’s customer-oriented marketing, it continues to provide sales support and technical assistance by having constructive cooperation with the dealers, national advertising, point-of-purchase materials, product seminars, customer care hotline, and Company website.

At NOVTEK CORPORATION, we continue to provide not just good quality, but highly advanced and innovative building & construction materials in order to help us build a better and safer nation.