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  • Tera is an IT company focused on providing innovative solutions that enable schools to equip its job-ready graduates meet the complex demands of the current generation's employers, based on the changing needs of the job-seeking millennials. is also focused on providing innovative solutions to employers in response to the complex needs of job-seeking millennials.


Our Mission

Job Seeker Empowerment

To empower job seekers attain a better career by providing online tools to build a credible and impressive resumé and market themselves effectively.

Future-Ready Graduates

To prepare fresh graduates for employment by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to begin their career search successfully.

Employer Mobility

To mobilize the recruitment and HR processes of employers by providing online tools and database for them to source and manage job applications.

Our Tools

For Job Seekers jobseekers

We provide next generation tools to build an online resumé, create a cover page and a customized URL (ResuméLink) for personal branding and to easily share the resumé.

For Employers employers

We provide a CareerSite to feature job vacancies and a resumé management system (TeRA) to store and manage the job application database, all at the most competitive industry pricing value.

For Schools employers

We provide a free career orientation program (ResuméLink Orientation), a dedicated CareerPortal to provide internship and entry level jobs, and access to the Gateway system to support graduate tracer study initiatives.

The Gatew@y Tracer System is an online tracer system that utilizes the ResuméLink to track career placement. With Gatew@y, schools can check the employment status of their graduates.

The Gatew@y Tracer System is a secure online portal where schools can view their graduates' employability. Real-time employment status such as the company and industry of the alumni are all user-generated information gathered from their ResuméLinks.

career portal

To aid the schools in providing the best employment opportunities available, has developed a dedicated career portal for school partners.

School partners can manage their own free CareerPortal. Instead of searching elsewhere, students and alumni can be redirected to the school-branded CareerPortal, a stand-alone micro site where they can apply for OJT or entry-level positions.

  • Get your own unique web address:
  • Personalize your CareerPortal with school colors and school logo.
  • Internship and entry level jobs are automatically featured on your website to address your student’s needs.
  • Graduates can sign up to create their online resumé and ResuméLink.
next generation wants to help the schools offer the best options available in the job market to its graduating students. can help organize a school job fair within the campus and ensure that there will be a good mix of employment opportunities ranging from different sectors of businesses: manufacturing, FMCG, BPO and other services-oriented industries. Schools can conduct job fairs with less stress while bringing more opportunities to your students. We can provide assistance by inviting companies and by powering the event registration.

A program for training school representatives to conduct ResuméLink Orientation even to lower years. You can customize it according to the needs of your students.


Introduce ResuméLink to Seniour Highschool up to 3rd Year College Students!


Check all your students who registered to create a ResuméLink!

Get Certified will provide a certification for you as an official ResuméLink Trainer! is growing fast and is very active in school partnerships. Through the school's career activities, your company can join and expose your brand to students with less hassle.

With an expansive network of over 400 schools nationwide and growing, you can be connected to a large pool of fresh talents yearly because 80% of fresh graduates are using ResuméLink in applying for a job.

Customize and manage your own career page. Your own customizable micro site will increase your online presence to your target job seekers. Boost your brand by redirecting job seekers to your the CareerSite, a stand-alone site where your job vacancies are advertised.

The CareerSite is a micro site that Employers can use as a dedicated landing site for their job vacancies.

  • Customize your very own web address and promote it.
  • Upload your logo and product offerings to reflect your corporate brand.
  • Upload photos, videos, your events calendar and a map of your location.
  • Display your job vacancies and manage job applications online.
career site


Event Sponsorship

Join our career events and introduce your company personally to the future professionals.

Banner Advertisement

Intensify your brand pull by placing strategic advertisements on our banner spaces.


Job Advertisement

Get the right candidate that best fit your required qualifications by posting your job vacancies to our fast-growing database.

Resumé Search

Get the candidate you want with powerful refining tools to find that person that best fit your needs.


With The e-Resumé Archive system, you can build your own online resumé database without worrying about purging.

TeRA works hand in hand with the CareerSite. It offers an interactive solution to posting your job advertisements, searching resumés and managing your job applications. It’s your very own online resumé database minus all the headache of maintaining it.