Federal Land, Inc. prides itself in more than 44 years of experience in property development and boasts of 50 completed structures in its portfolio.

Federal Land Inc. has also opened offices internationally, in Europe, Japan, and Guam, in order to provide services and investment opportunities for kababayans overseas.


In 1972, Federal Homes Inc., launched the Soler Tower- its first residential condominium project catering to the Filipino-Chinese community in Binondo, Manila.

The success of this project and increasing investor confidence saw the emergence of even more high-rise developments - Tytana Plaza, Mandarin Mansion, Escolta Twin Towers, Midtown Executive Homes, Ylaya Mansion, Ocean Tower, Bayview International Towers, Bayview Garden Homes, Roxas Seafront Gardens, Valencia Hills, Federal Tower, Dasma Corporate Center, Phil AXA Building, Skyland Plaza and Magdalena Mansion.

In 2002, Federal Homes took a new name - Federal Land Inc., signifying its evolution as its portfolio of properties grew to include commercial developments.

A proud member of the Metrobank Group, Federal Land demonstrates the passion of a trailblazer and innovator tempered by the strict disciplines of banking and finance.

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