NetSuite (Philippines) Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines  with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on November 3, 206 as an export Enterprise  under Republic Act R.A. No.7042, otherwise known as Foreign Investments Act of 1991” primarily to  engage in and  operate, conduct and maintain the business of  operating  a shared service center engage in and operate, conduct and maintain  the business of operating a shared service center and one or more customer support contact centers providing integrated customer relationship management ( “CRM”) services and outsourced customer support services including sales support, marketing support, customer care and technical support, data management services  and CRM Technologies , enterprise resource planning (ERP)  financial support , worldwide through  telephone, e-mail and internet based support., in order to help clients identify, retain service measure and maximize lifetime value of their customer relationships and to provide support  for all aspects of the client’s business.

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